What’s this ‘P-Link’?

“P-Link, keeping the campus connected,” is the University's internal communication program.

P-Link organizes information sharing on campus in such a way that everything you ever wanted to know about PSU is centrally located. Plus, users will be able to access all of this important, relevant, and exciting information according to your preferences.

Here’s how it works:
First we identified three unique categories of information–Urgent, Need2know, and FYI–and defined them:

Urgent messages require immediate attention and/or action like:
* Evacuations
* Fire
* Violent or criminal behavior
* Flood evacuations
* Severe weather emergencies
* Unplanned power failures
* Civil disturbance or demonstrations

Need to know messages require attention and sometimes action but not immediate like:
* Canceled classes
* Curtailed operations
* Severe weather emergencies
* Flood evacuations
* IT network issues
* Anticipated power failures

FYI messages are general information correspondence that inform, entertain, and enlighten—action is optional like:
* Events
* General interest news
* Awards
* Updates
* Promotions

Then we created and defined the vehicles by which we will distribute information to the campus:
* PSU Alert emergency communications is an opt-in notification system for faculty, staff and students who want to receive information via cell phone text messages and/or e-mail. These correspondences will be used only for urgent and select need to know communications. Sign up for this service at www.plymouth.edu/alerts/index.html.

* Need2Know e-mail is the revamped PSU announce e-mail that is delivered to all faculty and staff and when appropriate will be pushed to all students. These correspondences will include urgent and need to know communications. If a PSU Alert is distributed that message will also be delivered via a Need2Know e-mail.

* FYI e-mail is a new e-mail listserv that employs an opt-in model. This allows faculty, staff, and students the ability to determine if they want to receive the FYI e-mails that will be distributed from OPR daily. Sign-up for this service at http://toto.plymouth.edu/mailman/listinfo/fyi

All requests for campus distribution of information will be submitted to OPR via the online work request form at www.plymouth.edu/news/working/index.html for consideration. These submissions will be collected, edited and distributed on a daily basis. These correspondences will also be duplicated in the myPlymouth announcements.

* myNews tab: We’ve created a new and very cool central campus internal news and information repository in myPlymouth called myNews. When you visit the myNews tab you’ll find:
* PSU press releases
* PSU athletics news
* ThisWeek@PSU
* The Clock
* myPlymouth Announcements
* PSU emergency procedures
* Working with OPR Web page
* ‘PSU In the News’ the online news clips
* P-Week online

Other sources for campus information include:
* www.plymouth.edu and myPlymouth announcements, contain information posted from a variety of campus sources
* P-Week online will continue to be posted as a PDF so readers will have the option to read it online or print it and enjoy it the old fashion way.

As always you can send questions and comments to Chris Williams, director of public relations, at cwilliams@plymouth.edu.

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