Why P-Link? Why now?

As you know, there is never a shortage of topics to discuss, news to share, or events to attend on campus.

The issue is how do you keep track of everything going on at PSU?

After many hours of discussions and research We've concluded that most any bit of PSU news and information one could hope to find is available and accessible. The problem is where? We have information on on the Web site, myPlymouth, through ThisWeek@PSU, and distributed via e-mail--lot's of e-mail.

The solution? P-Link. Continue reading

Say goodbye to PSU Announce, say hello to P-Link

On Monday, Dec. 10 the OPR will launch "P-Link, keeping the campus connected," the new University internal communication program.

I'm very excited about P-Link as it organizes information sharing on campus in such a way that everything you ever wanted to know about PSU will be centrally located. Plus, you will be able to access all of this important, relevant, and exciting information according to your preferences.

Here's how it works: Continue reading