PSU Emergency Procedures Update--What is 'Shelter-in-place'?


I am taking this opportunity to address questions and share updates about campus safety at PSU.

We recently received questions about classroom safety guidelines in the event of violent or criminal behavior. In an emergency it is important that you rely on information communicated to you, your training, and your best judgment.

The PSU Emergency Procedures Plan provides the following information:


Guidelines for responding to a situation with the potential for shooting violence Continue reading

PSU Emergency Procedures Update

In light of the events last week on the Northern Illinois University campus we would like to take this opportunity to remind and assure you that PSU has a comprehensive emergency plan in place.

PSU’s top priority is the safety and well being of University students, faculty, and staff as well as the residents of the surrounding communities. This is the basis from which decisions are made and actions are determined in a crisis situation. The PSU emergency plan provides information and instructions in the event of most any emergency situation. Communication, information, and preparation are at the heart of PSU’s emergency plan. Continue reading