A blank canvas…

This is the OPR Weblog--well the start of it anyway.

As you know, I have been planning to develop a blog to use as the primary means of communications between OPR and the University community.

The intended audience is internal--the University community, faculty, staff, students, administrators, etc. It is designed to communicate the changing face of OPR and initiate discussion as to how it functions within the University.

The subject matter will be topical and diverse, but always relevant as to how we collectively manage the brand and reputation of PSU.

Here are just some of the working titles of topics I would like to address in this space and share with the campus:

  1. "We've got style..." Using the PSU and other style guides
  2. "Working for a living..." Roll out of new policies and procedures to work with OPR
  3. "The OPR online work request form--what is it and how do I use it?"
  4. "Getting to know you..." Who is OPR and what can we do for you?
  5. "Review of USNH communicators meeting..."
  6. Overview of PSU Emergency Communications Task Force Recommendations
  7. Updates from the President's Communications Task Force
  8. "To blog or not to blog..."
  9. "Online photo archives..."
  10. "Outsourcing in OPR. Is it an efficient means of using additional resources or PSU's NAFTA?"
  11. Updates from the PRSA Yankee Chapter
  12. Updates from the USNH BoT External Affairs Committee

After some thought--and having received some sound advice from Kim--I would like the OPR Weblog to be a collaborative effort. I would like each staff member to consider contributing to the blog as you deem appropriate. It's strictly voluntary, but each of you has a unique prospective that would greatly add to the discussion.

But first-things-first. We need to decide on a name for our blog, determine its look and feel. Then discuss in greater detail the purpose of this tool and set goals by which we can measure the success or effectiveness of this effort.

Please send your comments via the blog's comment link at the end of this message.

This is a blank canvass so let's see what we can create together.

4 thoughts on “A blank canvas…

  1. By commenting here we can all work together to create the best possible internal communication tool--let the collaboration begin.


  2. I like blogs -- I like the voice and the less formal way in which info can be discussed.

    I'd like to see and overview of where this fits with our many new tools in our overall OPR communication strategy. What goes where and how we get the info to prospective readers is a bit muddy to me.

    I like names that play on words, like
    -- PR Bytes or
    -- Between the Lines
    -- OPR Rules
    -- Disabuse
    -- Wise Saws

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